Wow I never expected this

Wow I never expected this,

During her middle school years,

She was all drugs and,

Harmful things to her body,

She goes off to school,

The next thing I know,

She is with the perfect guy for her,

Everyone is against them,

Since their grades are falling,

Yet he still smokes,

So to be with him more,

She starts up with smoking again,

It had been a few years her being smoke free,

I am worried,

Not knowing what to do,

Stress is high key right now,

When I talked to her about it again,

She was worried I told the parents,

Then she thought I was going to say "Oh I tried it",

I told her I would never do it,

She was happy I wouldn't,

Yet I don't know what to do,

In the end over the summer,

I'm going to make sure she doesn't do anything like that,

I care about her so much,

I don't want her to go to waste just for a guy,

Even if they care about each other so much,

Wow I never expected this.

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