I love you babes

I love you babes,

I don't wanna lose you,

All the good laughs we had,

The time we had spent together,

If you do go,

I will never forget you,

And never ever lose the love I have for you,

I hope you feel the same,

Knowing I will meet you again,

One of these days,

Not knowing if I will be able to handle it,

Even right now once I found out,

I can't breath right or breath at all,

The tears are coming and won't stop,

I don't care what anyone else thinks of you,

I care about you so much,

Never actually hating you,

Since you are so sweet caring and so many great qualities,

It would never ever be the same without you,

Hopping there is at least something that can be done,

Please Lord let her stay for ever more,

I wish there was something that I could do,

But I know I will be praying for you ever night,

For ever more,

I hope you don't go like my aunt,

You don't understand this is almost just like my aunts death,

Why does it always happen to the good people,

Ugh this doesn't make me happy at all,

I will always remember you,

And charish all the pictures I have of us or just you,

Your so funny,

You put a smile on my face,

I mean come on Liza's pool party,

Fun fun time hehe,

All the sleepovers,


Hehe the movies are good fun too,

Then last year after exmas,

We had fun then too,

Your so much fun,

What am I going to do,

I am here for you,

Just never forget that,

Or the song Lean on me,

Or Disney,

Or anything as a matter of fact,

I love you babes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wish I could think of all the fun things we have done, I am just not quite in the thinking mood right now. Sowwie. Love ya so much babes. Fuck it hurts just knowing I know you home phone number by heart and knowing I might not be able to call it ever again, without just talking to you mom or someone and this and that. Shit.

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