In the past

In the past,

We were so young,

Just about to go into first grade,

Having a fun time,

Making a mess of the house,

Getting the parents mad,

Not wanting to stay,

Feeling unsave,

I called my dad,

With the voice come get me,

But he didn't come get me,

After I get dressed for bed,

Thinking it was kind of soon,

I get into the bed,

As my shorts get pulled off,

The next thing I know we are playin doctor,

I never thought it was wrong,

I mean two girls doing things,

Now I will never be the same anymore,

I don't want to go into details,

Becuase it is still so hard on me,

My dad feels so bad for not picking me up that night,

I tell him it's all right,

But he won't accept it,

In the past.

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