I don't want to live

I don't want to live,

It get worse day by day,

I cut my wrist as I watch it bleed,

During school plotting ideas to kill myself,

Just because no one talked to me,

They all said bad things,

Who would have guessed,

I would have been next to go,

Every night hurting my self more and more,

Just waiting till I get to go,

I find someone that I like,

Thinking they like me too,

We go for weeks,

I am as happy as I could be,

Soon to find he was cheating on me,

I whip out the blade and cut and cut,

Till I can't cut anymore,

Next thing I know,

I see people crying,

Praying just hoping for me to be alive,

I have fainted from so much blood lose,

Damn I wish I wasn't around today,

Maybe I can do better next time,

I don't want to live.

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