Don't feel accepted

Don't feel accepted,

People may think everything is jolly,

But it ain't don't worry,

I feel as if no one cares,

Like I am a ghost,


So who is a true friend,

Well how can you really know if someone is true or not,

Not tests of any kind can prove that,

How do I know as a turn they aren't talking about me,

Or making any comments,

Do they really like me,

Maybe it is something I have just heard,

That is probably it,

Hearing things,

Or this damn selective hearing problem,

I have grown to close to,

Maybe I am accepted,

Will I ever feel accepted,

Who knows,

I bet they feel the same,

They couldn't feel the same,

Their lives are perfect,

I mean just look at them,

Don't feel accepted.

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perception's picture

This poem, I am so glad I read. Just today I was sitting next to my "Friends" and woundering if I could read there minds what kind of things would they be thinking about me. I realy dont feel like any one likes me at all. ALthough I do have quite a few "friends". I love this poem, it's very heartfelt, and I think it will relate to alot of people.