I'm sorry

I’m sorry,

That I "get all the guys",

If I messed up something special,

Whenever I have done anything wrong,

Or anything to make you feel offended,

I didn't mean to hurt you,

I really do love you,

If you don't know that,

Then I don't know who will ever know that,

I am honestly sorry,

I hope you accept this apology,

I’m sorry.

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Rachel DiLonardo's picture

this is a great poem! but sumtimes sry doesnt cut it. my best friend, well she ruined 2 relationships of mine. this poem reminded me of that. she said she was sry the first time, but then when i got another boyfriend, one that i loved even more than the other one, went behind my back and kissed him. she said she was sry, but how can i be sure she meant it? ya know? how am i supposed to know she wont do it again? i dunno...but all in all, this is a wonderful poem. i enjoyed reading it. i hope ur friend accepted ur apology...