Out to the class of 2007

Out to the class of 2007,

I don't know what I would do without yall,

This 8th grade year has been the best,

Over the years,

I didn't feel welcome,

But this year has gotten me to be more me,

I am so happy who I am friends with,

And once we graduate in 2007,

I want you to remember I will never forget you,

Also I would like to see yall do well in the world,

Disney was the best,

Tons of fun,

So many memories,

We have 5 more days of school left,

I think I might actually cry at school this year,

Wow that would be alot if I did,

I am so sad that the start of highschool I am being homeschooled,

Yet it is a good thing that I live so close,

Never forget my number,

Also that I care,

I am always here,

My name is Emily,

I am never going to forget your name,

So please don't forget mine,

I love yall so much,

Holy Innocents' means the world to me,

And the indiviuals at Holy Innocents' mean even more,

Please stay well,

And don't change for the worse,

Just for the better,

Never loose the people who mean the most to you,

Becuase it hurts the most once you do,

Always show that you care,

Don't hold grudges on anyone,

Sticks and stones may break the bones,

But words will never hurt you,

Always remember that,

It will get you quite far in life,

If you ever need a good push to keep you going,

I am here for you,

Let's keep in touch over the years,

Especially next year,

I will be visiting yall so please return it to me,

I love all yall with all my heart and soul,

Out to the class of 2007.

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