Colm White

Colm White, Such a Favourable Site.

Seeing Him Smile, Laughing all the While.

He know what he likes, from Power Rangers to Bikes.

Wrestling and Games, to deciding Dog Names.

How could you be bored, Playing Baguette Swords.

From Cookie and Co, and fixing things as Jove*.

To Exploring the Unknown, of Black Gits^ Cove.

The Old Tire swing, and random songs we'd sing.

Spice Girls to Greenday, Oasis to Mudvayne.

Bowling For Soup Right? and "Dancing in the Moonlight"

Blondie and Good Charlotte, even "Beast and the Harlot".

Songs we use to sing, when you were a tiny thing.

Like "You're Gorgeous" and maybe, The one Mum sung to you as a baby.

Us wishing you Goodnight, to Long Pins in Play Fights.

When you and Tony use to fight, over kinberly and who was white ~

Ranger, and that stranger.

Who found you in Ireland, we lost you and cried then.

We found you Happily, and went Supamacs rapidly.

From Starting school, to the Swimming Pool.

Sea Cadets and camping, to Power Ranger Stamping.

From Every single Birthday, to the trips with nursary.

Even Trips with the Community lot, Every Present and Gift you got.

To even Right Now, We love you so much you're doing us Proud.

From Every Song we use to Sing,

From Good to Bad to even Strange,

Just remember everything,

There's Nothing we'd change.

Our Spring Onion

Our Chicken Sandwich

Our Gorgeous Baby..



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Originally written:
1046 13th May 2009

In memories of my brother COLM xX
15 DEC 1992 to 6 JUN 2009
You were too good for this world.

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Jove* = I use to play as a Handyman who worked for a company called "Cookie and Co." and use to make computers out of cardboard for Colm.

Black Git^ = Colm use to pretend to be a dog called Black Git, and behind a tree in my front garden (Was shaped like a cave) was wat he named "Black Git's Cove".


I aplogeise if you feel my poems are not correctly standardised or grammatically perfect - dark, too detailed, etc... Alot of my writing just flows all in one, so I try not to edit it afterwards otherwise I start changing the work- which h