Happiness flowed from all around,

the second that the angel touched the ground.

With perfect, white, wings

and the sweet songs he sings.

With handsome looks and gorgous eyes,

he always cares and never lies.

He always sharing

and always caring.

Hoping this would last.

He made my heart beat fast.

Never say "never",

when you hope it to last forever.

With her I found them in my bed,

nothing spoken, nothing said.

He left me with his bags packed,

somethings gained and somethings lacked.

What I gained was smarts,

what he lacked was a loving heart.

Slept around he did,

around the block and back again.

I was stupid not to see the signs,

all the excuses and the lines.

My angel turned black,

so now I can't take my love back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My friend Ishaia wanted me to write this down and once I read it, I loved it.

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Love this also. Great writing...