feeling hapy?

i felt happy

but a moment ago

You hurt me

but u didnt know

where is this place?

i need to find

i need to escape to

escape from my own mind

what said now has been said

whats done now has been done

cant change that i say

as i spin the barrel on a gun

thinking theres no chance again

look at the clock counting down the times

thinkin theres no other

until i see my lovers eyes

see him walk across the room

as he walks stops, then faces me

he says he cant live anymore

and so a last look from me he has to see

he walks back and forth

sits my gun on the shelf

he thinks and then for a spilt second

he doesnt know himself

he came to say goodbye

and he told me to be strong

for the love i have to offer

will find sumwer it belongs

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Kayla's picture

lol when i seen the titl of this one i was like lol i wonder if its about when i was hyper... lol
love ya sis