i just want you to hold me

so i cant b broken

but it's so hard to love you

when your hearts not open

I have always loved you

But always got the worst

Everytime you shut me out

you've no idea how it hurts

I really have tried to move on

But you mean so much to me

i'm addicted im hooked

and you're my exstacy

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Kayla's picture

oooo i love this one:)

love ya sis xxxx

jamesy wamesy's picture

michelle i think this poems great, you hav brought so many pictures into my head over this and it should be published =)lv yaz x x x

PICKLES's picture

Very nice work person who I don't know lol. That poem brought a tear to my eye lol. Have u ever thought of makin soem money ouit of these poems? lol.

Terrell Wagner's picture

awww i really like this poem!!--real nice ;]