Regrets Of A Lifetime

I regret the night that we first met,

I regret those months spent,

I regret not listening to my best friend,

I regret sticking by your side til the end,

I regret those days that I didn't let you go,

I regret allowing myself becoming your personal ho,

I regret believing you and your millions of lies,

I regret us not saying our final formal good byes,

I regret those times that I told you you could,

I regret that time I didn't and you pretended it wasn't understood,

I regret wasting my time on you,

I regret ever thinking that my heart's dream came true,

I regret letting you make me cry to sleep almost every night,

I regret not putting up much more of a fight,

I regret the day you let everything inside me die,

I regret the thoughts that you put inside me thinking I was alive,

I regret listening to you when you sweet talked me,

I regret that moment when I let my virginity go free,

I regret everything that has to do with you,

I regret even knowing about the existence of you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i fuckin hate u manny...u have no idea how much i fuckin want u dead.

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