Stupid, Stupid Bitch

I would look with dry eyes,

At the girl who always cries,

About a guy who did her wrong,

Thinking about why she's been with him so long,

All the abuse she has suffered through,

She should just move on to someone new,

In that type of situation you would never see me get caught,

Only months would change that thought,

Thinking stupid, stupid bitch,

Just get up and run from the horrid ditch,

But soon I'm in the ditch and covered in blood,

This relationship is clearly a dud,

I should of got up and ran away,

But I ran to him and I decided to stay,

People were telling me to grab my things and go,

Because of the pain I was starting to clearly show,

When I should of ran away and found a place to hide,

Instead I welcomed this painful ride.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

how the fuck could i have been so fuckin stupid!

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