Big Mistake

She made a choice that she thought to be grand,

He asked for it and she gave him her hand,

She thought she was happy but she's just lost,

The line from childhood to adulthood has been crossed,

I have a feeling this is the biggest mistake of her life,

She's too young to be someone's wife,

She's too blind right now to see what I see,

They fight too much and it's just not meant to be,

She might be happy now and her pains she forgets,

It will come back to haunt her and this decision she regrets,

I care about her too much to let her throw her life away,

I have to get it through to her so what should I say?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my friend could possibly b makin thw worst decision of her life n i dunno how 2 stop her...

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