Go around pretending that you are a pimp,

Flirting around with girls,

Making out and shit,

Playing like a player and didn't think you would get caught,

Sorry but the jig is up.

Telling people that you can get into their pants,

Thinking that you are smooth and you are the man,

I regret the day that I decided to fuck you,

Apparently you were just trying to be smooth,

Sorry I was so stupid and thought I was in love,

Don't try to smooth talk your way out of this one, bitch.

What the Hell was I thinking when I gave my virginity up to you?

Thinking it was special,

Not just to me but to you too,

God knows that I was wrong and I am surprised he didn't deteriorate your dick,

No wonder why he gave it cancer,

I hope you die fucking a STD infested bitch.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

fuck u manny...i kno every time u sweet talk ur way outta it...try 2 get in2 my pantz thiz time motherfucker...in fact...try 2 even sweet talk ur way outta thiz...im fuckin thru w/ u...

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