It's been the truth for awhile,

I'm just chicken shit,

And I can admit it,

I'm not afraid of you,

Your just chicken shit too,

Maybe I'm just hallucinating,

Seeing things that aren't really there,

Like I could of sworn I saw you,

But the truth is when I needed you you weren't anywhere,

You won't be hearing from my best friend,

He doesn't want anything to do with you,

Continue being a jackass and see what it leads to,

And its not like things have really changed,

He was always there,

Maybe you could of taken a lesson or two,

Or three or four or five,

Take the lessons that suits each and every one of your lies,

What would you have done about me crying?

You wouldn't of been there,

You tell me otherwise then you're lieing,

You told me sorry more times then I can count,

Because you were afraid that I would leave you alone,

You didn't deserve that second chance,

I wouldn't of given it to you now that I took another glance,

Because you blew it,

It's not my fault,

I told you no,

One thing I learned in theropy is to never blame myself,

And any blind man can see that this isn't my fault,

Like one person will be able to change my whole outlook,

I drew a pretty picture today in pencil,

It can show you everything that's important in my life,

And I suggest you stop blaming my friend,

Leave him out of this,

Because with one swipe of the eraser,

You're gone.

With all my heart,

<3Suicidal Princess<3

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sum pplz never learn....

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