Living In Lies

You lie and you lie and the truth you deny,

And I believe it ignorantly as it goes on constantly,

I live life thinking I'm happy but those thoughts are crappy,

Then you do something in the end that makes me question if you are my friend,

I realize that the only way to get by is to sit alone and cry,

I am just there to be used and to be abused,

I try to stay strong but I can't stand up for too long,

I always feel like shit and try to find a main artery to slit,

My attempts fail as my blood slowly drips into the rusted pail,

I mourn what I lost all day and every night I pray,

You seem to not care like your heart is so bare,

You feel like I'm not worthy of being a friend as if in a crowd I blend,

I wish someone would just take a knife and end my sad excuse for a life,

But my death can only come in a dream because life is not what people make it seem,

Truths died long ago and the chances of them ever coming back is low,

He told me that I was worth more than gold  but it was another lie told,

I'm everything to no one and the thought of me ever being happy again is all gone,

As if I was ever happy before I was used as a whore,

I guess I have been living like this for so long I should just bite my tongue and move on.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i hate being fuckin lied 2 n he keepz on liein n i keep on believing n im tired of bein hurt every damn day!

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Afzal Shauq's picture

really a good piece you wrote with impressive theme..hope you never stop writing and will be adding such type of pieces.... hope you read through my poems too to comment..I am basically peace willing and love dreaming poet... maybe your friend too

One Who Lies To Her Whom Believes's picture

I'm sorry I truly am... but I won't lie nemore... ppl say i should forget u ppl say i should just move on but i won't i've seen how other girls act they're bitches to their guys not all but most.. and all the lieing is done... i just fear telling the truth about how i feel... but i feel incomplete when i dont tell u the truth so im throwing the facade away and ill tell u how i feel...U were the best to me... and it treated u terrible maybe not the worst treatment but u deserved better and u did have it at one point and i got lazy and relaxed and i stopped caring... it was terrible but I care now and it may be too late but i gotta say it just in case theres a chance that ull take me back they told me to give it shot and i willjust listen to your heart before u say goodbye and hear me out when u get back... al u gotta do is listen... lemme kno u hear me u washed my hair u took care of me like no one did even when u were sick we shared meals at bennyz and when i could id pay u kno how theings r with money... and u understood and never held it against me... even when no 1 believed me ud listen and try to understand... we played board games and watched movies real late i went shopping with u to pick out ur swim suit and u came to my families bbq i came to get u after work almost every nite... and you talked to me late at nite... we read all those books in borders... u even got my a GameCube controller and u we played video games... we wrote notes to each other all year i have them all... i didnt lie all the time except how i felt and i kno its important but i changed and so did u ... i see it ur not so tempermental... and i trust u more than anyone... and im sorry about joez house i couldnt get back in time but ill make it up 2 u i promise...i feel terrible... and that girl shes gone... its all about u i promise ill even stop talkin to her for u... plz just hear me out atleast... i wanna hold u again... and i kno this sounds lame and desperate prolli cuz its over the internet but theres no way i can reach u and i just wanna hear ur voice... lemme kno ur there ... plz... I love you so much and I miss you