Deserve This

Beat me, Cheat me, Rape me in a serial fashion,

Grab a hammar and take my head for a bashing,

Destroy my spirit and my dying soul,

Smash up my heart in a grinding bowl,

Force me down and strip me of my clothes,

Slap me repeatedly until blood leaks from my nose,

Search for a girl that you can use to cheat,

Come to strangle me so I can wish for my last heart beat,

I deserve worse so give me more,

Hurt me so bad I faint with the blood on the floor,

Tightly in your grasp I have no where to go,

Around my neck so the air won't even flow,

You weren't this bad but I earned this, right?

Just one degree better is what people see when you're in sight,

You're not much better and I didn't deserve that,

I'm too good of a girl to settle for a sewer rat.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

after all the shit ive been thru cuz of u...n u think i deserve worse?no..fuck u..

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Kelly Revay's picture

Nice poem! I like how it reflects how angry you are at the person who has abused you. This poem is very good. Keep writing poetry and check out some of mine!