Tribute To A Dead Hampster

To Albina(October ??, 2004-December 22, 2005)  R.I.P My Little Angel

The little hampster 14 months old,

White fur and red eyes so bold,

She only bit people and had no other harm at all,

Ran around all day in her little yellow ball,

All through the house she would chase the cat,

Snuck up behind her as Dixie sat,

Dixie would jump high in the air,

Who knew from a hampster she would get such a scare?

Running inside her little wheel,

Making Tracy annoyed and making her squeal,

I dropped her when I got her and twice more,

Boy, wasn't she a trooper even though she hit the floor,

Memories of Albina I will always treasure,

Playing with her was always such a pleasure,

She was found December 22, 2005 in her cage,

The poor little creature died of old age,

Buried behind my dad's grill,

Albina lies there,forever still.

Mommy will always love you:)

Author's Notes/Comments: writin a tribute 2 a dead weird like that...dixie=cat...tracy=sister

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Every pet touches a life and leaves an impact no different then any life period touching another life. I think this is a nice ode to the hamster