30 Questions That I Need Answered

Why can't I go to sleep without crying?

Is my heart even broken?

Am I that torn up inside?

Why can't I think straight?

Why can't I eat again?

Why am I cutting?

Why am I bleeding?

Am I still human?

Why can't I be treated like one?

Do I have feelings?

Am I just apathetic and the only one who doesn't know it?

Why can my happiness come only in the form of a pill?

Was I ever happy?

When was I happy?

When will I be happy again?

When will the answers come to my mind?

When will my normal life come back?

Why can't this end?

Do I just have to kill myself to make it go away?

Why does God hate me?

Since when did God hate?

Why does Lucifer want me?

How come he's the only one who wants me?

Should I just go along with all that I can take?

Should I just kill myself and accept Hell as my home?

Why can't I get the help that I need?

Why am I writing this?

Why am I thinking this?

Doesn't anyone want to help me?

Or is my old self never coming back?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i just wanna fuckin kno!

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