Bloody Soul

My red blood turns black,

My skin becomes cold,

My heart turns dark,

With this knife I hold.

Screaming all evening,

Crying all night,

No more happy dreaming,

I have to put up this fight.

Drownding in tears,

Choking on blood,

My slit is right here,

With my red liquid flood.

Letting go of my soul,

It flees once more,

With no sought of returning,

It runs screaming out the door.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

itz happenin agen...

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Fallen Child's picture

i really like this poem... ive had the feeling before when i was holding the knife watching myself bleed- anyways- i like all of your poems i have read... they really express a lot of emotion- and i can relate to a certin extent-

"there are bloody handprints all over the walls, and this time it wasnt me- this time- i sware"

Barbi Fox's picture

The poem itself is very good.
Very well written, however
it's message concerns me.

To me the writer of this poem
of dispare, has a heart that is
crying out and reaching for something
that it is longing for but cannot find
and does not understand.

Perhaps, what this heart is yearning
for is unconditional love.
A love that does not condem you, but
frees you.
Be of good courage, dear poet,
there is such a love.
It is waiting to receive you
with arms of acceptance and hope.