An Unanswered Prayer

As I cired that night,

While I was stroking your tears away,

I prayed my silent prayer,

For you to be okay.

The very next day,

You were doing fine,

And a smile covered your face,

This gave me a little faith.

But what's to happen the next day,

Is something I don't find pleasant,

The knife was found in your pocket to grasp,

And my Hell quickly returned.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

y couldnt he just answer thiz 1 lil prayer?

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I feel your pain through this...believe it or not I understand how it feels to feel like your prayer went unanswered...but know this, God answers all prayers, but he gave people a free will so that we wouldn't be serving him out of his choice but ours. I am not preaching at you, just making sure you know where the true blame lies...feel free to read some of my stuff if you like, maybe it will help you, maybe not, but that's your choice to make...thank you...