I wish to have a sheltered soul,

Live in a world of lies.

So why do I get so upset,

When I am refused the truth?

Why are they still there?

Just make them go away,

Apparently I was never anything,

Until some unknown day.

I have been called ignorant, stupid, and gay,

But I know the truth through things anyway.

I guess you can call it a gift,

But there was no reciept.

Why can't they see me for who I am,

A down to earth girl,

Not some crazy jerk,

So they will actually be understood.

So I may not have a sheltered mind,

I may not of lived a sheltered life,

But that means I know all about this shit,

Even if it's with the use of a knife.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

she pissez me off so god damn MUCH!...n i dont even kno her...

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