Undying Pain

Your mind is healing,

As my wrists are bleeding,

Those happy eyes,

That smile on your face that continues to rise,

As I have an endless frown,

Going down to the ground,

Voices in my fucked up mind,

Optimistic nerves gone blind,

Shouts and screams waiting to be heard,

All my sights gone blurred,

You I can't tell,

Because your happiness has before fell,

Images of my wrist and the knife,

Ending my sad excuse for a life,

Pictures that were never meant to be seen,

Doing self opperation on my heart and my splean,

Everything haunting me in my dreams,

Things aren't as great as it seems,

These images don't know the meaning of rest,

So it will be for the best,

For me to take the knife and cut,

Making scars down all the way to my butt,

So I don't stab myself in the form of a dream,

Through my heart goes a painful beam,

Sleep walking and suicide in the night,

I need to slit so it will be alright.

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chelle... if u cut...idk... it sounds like u did but u said u didnt... i believe u... but we need to talk about this...

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absolutely beautiful. a little exaggerated, i think, but very nice. i especially like the last line. no poem ive seen yet has put the need to cut so succinctly. im guessing that you were hurt by someone you loved very much, who turned around and hurt you somehow, probably by cheating. neways, id ask if youre a cutter but i guess i already know the answer. i wish you luck with your troubles, and, from someone whose been their and kinda still is, dont kill yourself, their is a lot to experience in this world and no matter what youve been through, there is always something or someone somewhere that makes life worth living. good luck. peace.salaam.