Faith And Hope

Shivering as I think about my vien and the knife,

Trying to fight,

Yet trying not to cry,

Trying so fucking hard to glue back together pieces of shattered glass,

Glass that is now as fine as sand,

Every time I come so close to completing this never-ending puzzle,

It falls apart and is broken into more little pieces,

It's impossible to repair a broken heart,

I have been so fucking gullible for way too fucking long!

They keep telling me to hold on just a little longer,

Then I will be alright,

But I've held on more than my arms can handle,

I had to hold up my weight and the rest of the world's!

My left hand holding onto faith,

My right hand holding onto hope,

They both laugh in my fucking face and let go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

im so fuckin confused!

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