All alone in the clearing,

Her bloody corpse stays,

Blood dripping from her neck,

Soaking her tattered, white dress.

Her unwritten message,

A calling for help,

Was never read,

It comes to no surprise she's dead.

Surrounded by gleeful things,

A happy place it seems,

But she is unhappy,

Caught up in unwanted dreams.

A bunny hops through the grass,

A happy creature,

A small kitten enters the clearing,

Licking the blood off the deadly knife.

Flowers bloom nicely,

In the soft, wet grass,

A sweet smell,

But covered up with the smell of death.

A beautiful clearing,

By a tall tree,

No one would expect it to be,

An unhappy place for suicide.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i drew a pretty picture...

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