Give It Up

I'm working so hard to let it slip from my life,

Going insane in the process,

Finding myself addicted,

Hopless and wrong,

My fight to stay sane,

Got me here in the first place,

What I was fighting for left me,

Once the blade broke my skin,

And searched for my vein,

Tears and blood mix on the floor,

A sight I find beautiful,

And a work of art from my heart,

Relief overwelmes my mind,

A wonderful feeling...for once,

But I hurt my love,

That's why I must quit,

But accidents occur,

I blindly slip,

Relief fills me,

I come to realization,

I want to bleed more,

He will be upset,

He will be pissed,

He will go insane,

And I am a bitch,

So this secret will go to my grave,

But where the fuck do I hide the scars?

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