The Longest Mile

Trying to hide behind the shattered glass,

I am seen clearly through the great mass,

Walking through to face the other side,

No one with me to take this ride,

The crystals make blood leak from my feet,

I have to press on or admitt defeat,

The stares burn like a flame through the heart,

This trip is slowly tearing me apart,

I clearly call for help but no one seems to care,

I am all alone in this wild and crazy dare,

Slowly dying inside I continue to press on,

No idea that this journey would be so long,

The time seems to drag by slowly,

If only this task weren't so lonely,

By the time the destination is reached from my steady pace,

A frown is permanately plastered onto my face,

There was a time I could once smile,

That was before the longest mile.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

not fuckin FAIR!!!!!!!!!

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