I know I'm protected,

So why can't I sleep at night,

Do I fear He'll come back,

To haunt my life?

Creeping in every shadow,

In crowds,

But unseen,

A dark lurking figure,

Waiting for me.

He knows where I'm hiding,

And how to defeat me,

He knows all my weaknesses,

And won't let me be,

He won't let me live my life,

Enjoy my short time,

Because I'm trapped behind these stone walls,

Hiding in the corner,

With my two sources of protection,

Neither of them a weapon.

My love is there for me,

Assuring me I'm safe,

Telling me there's nothing to fear,

Holding me close,

Wiping away my tears.

The other is a symbol,

Shaped like a 't',

Keeping away the demons,

Setting me free,

Saving my soul from the fallen angel,

To keep it safe from the infernal slumber.

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Ill always keep u safe