False Impressions

You look into my eyes,

Study my every move,

But you see something not there,

Something you believe is.

My mood is improving,

I just have to think of you,

You keep me from going insane,

And going on a murder spree.

You say that you make me unhappy,

You think you make me sad,

And that you are making my life a living Hell,

But it is so not true.

My parents shoving shit on me,

Pissing me off until my last nerve is shot,

Testing me as far as I will go,

Until the day I finally rest.

You make me feel better,

Listen to me,

Help me through,

And I love you.

So don't leave me with these thoughts,

Because they are false,

I'm sorry if I mislead you,

But you misread me.

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