My Brightest Days

Storm clouds go by,

Rain pouring down my face,

Lightning crackles in the sky,

Thunder making itself heard,

These are the brightest days of my life,

Sun no where in sight,

Birds not flying through the air,

No animals out to play,

Just me on the lonely streets,

Walking through the puddles,

Socks soaking wet,

Snot oozing from my nose,

Tears rolling down my cheeks,

Unnoticed because of the rain,

Not a human in sight,

They're all home,

They're all warm and comfy,

As I walk cold and wet,

Alone in this storm,

The storm that no one sees,

This storm never ends,

This storm is everyday,

I can't remember the last time,

That I was dry and warm,

Because as people get bright happy days,

And can frollick through the flowers,

Sit with there spouse on the beach,

And share a tender kiss,

Feel the warmth the sun has to offer,

And tan their soft skin,

I must walk alone through the dark,

Pale as they come,

As I live this storm,

Day and night,

Until the day I finally die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

im saddened

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