Mother's Day

Mother's Day,

Two days away,

Cheap ass gift from the dollar store,

I don't consider you my mother,

Because we now all know,

I serve one purpose in life,

To make yours miserable.

I minus well make it worth while,

Go completely insane and slit my wrist,

Show off my cuts and scars,

Say "Hi, Grandma,

Look at what I made with my razor,

It's a pretty red line,

I did it when mommy wasn't watching,

But you know how it is,

She never pays attention to a thing I do."

I bet you will look like a great mother,

Your mommy will be so proud,

Knowing that you made your daughter insane,

Get recomended to the crazy farm,

Tied up to the bed,

Screaming bloody murder,

Kick the doctor in the head.

I can tell this Mother's Day will be good,

Have a Suckass Mother's Day, bitch.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

n u guyz thought thiz would b a nice poem bout my "mommy"

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