Fuck Christianity

Fuck Christianity,

It's stupid and pointless,

God is against homos,

Yet insest is okay!

Let's look inside the bible,

Look inside Genisis,

Adam and Eve,

The first man and woman,

In their garden of sex.

They had like a million kids,

No other families,

And yet we continue to reproduce.

How did we come to be?

The answer is quite simple,


Brother and sister,

Hot sex,

More kids,

You know it's sick.

Fuck Christianity,

I'd much rather become a Jew,

They make more sense anyway.

Let's look at the birth of Jesus,

Virgin baby born to a virgin mother,


Mary was a whore,

Just like her best friend,

And so she didn't get stoned,

Because she had to tell Joseph something,

Because that little bastard wasn't his.

"Uh, yeah. It's God's baby" she lied,

And she knew when she died she would be damned.

Perfect little Mary,

No one would think she was a whore,

And so she got people to believe her baby was God,

And saved her best friend's life,

So she could continue to be a whore.

Fuck Christianity,

God is a bastard anyway,

Lucifer isn't against the gays,

Even though he's not quite fond of the Jews.

But he realises God's evils,

He is the better God to me.

He welcomes the gays and he welcomes the killers,

That's the perfect place for me,

Just kill the innocent,

Kill the guilty,

Educate the fucking stupid Christians,

Being satanic is better anyway.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

im not against other religionz...im just makin my point

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I'll pray for you. I really will.