Uncharted Island

If I could be stranded,

On an uncharted island,

I would bring...

No one, nothing.

Just myself,

I would leave my feelings behind,

All my personal possessions,

The things I care for the most,

I will leave them behind.

Bring no one to love,

Bring no one to hate,

Bring no one to share my life with,

Just me and what's up to fate.

I can start my life all over,

The way I want it to be,

Have no past,

No mistakes,

Just a brand new life,

Not conquered by hate.

I would dig a hole in my little island,

Put a rock at its edge,

Carve my name on the large stone,

And declare it my grave.

So when I feel it's the time to go,

I will lay inside my little hole,

And lay there until my life leaves me,

Or perhaps make myself go free,

And eat one of my island's poison berries,

And die all alone,

On my little uncharted island.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wanna b all alone...

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