Burning Flame

No one else can touch my heart,

It's a burning object of passion and love,

He touched it and no one else can make it feel so great,

Feel the same way he makes it feel.

Have you ever been in love so much it hurts?

So much that you can actually feel

the burning sensation in your chest,

Right behind your left breast?

Wondering if you just want to feel sad,

Because you always feel happy,

And when he's not around,

You feel so alone,

No one's there,

You're all on your own.

Then he comes back and your soul has been lifted,

So high that the angels of heaven look like ants below.

You don't want to say good bye,

So you say good night,

You want to see him the next day.

And if he leaves earlier,

Say see you later,

Because a good-bye always lasts forever.

You dread that day

where you have to see him in his casket,

You dread having his soul looking down at you,

He told you he wouldn't make you cry,

But that was the last thing he did,

So you place a kiss on his cold cheek,

But your happy when you're in a casket too,

Buried deep in the ground,

It's got to be next to him though,

Then you see him in heaven,

And he makes you smile again,

And you forget all the tears of being alone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love u manny

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