Final Storm

I look up at my skies,

They are grey and dark,

As blood rains from my clouds of smoke,

The crack smelling smokey clouds part,

My God stares from above,

An evil grin he smiles,

A fearful look he glares,

And in his powerful hands,

A lightning bolt is formed,

Many volts flying all over,

Thunder roars as he yells down to me,

'Time is up,my child' he says,

And throws the light at me,

And through my life with no colors,

Living in darkness and grey,

The last thing I hoped to see before I die,

It just so happens to be my last sight,

I wish to see some light and colors shine on me,

And that was the lightning bolt,

And what I wanted was the cause of the death of me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ummmm....ive hadd a hard time lately

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