My Death's Definition

I killed myself tonite,

And how I did it was meaningful.

I took the razor to my wrist,

To show what I did in the past.

I took the razor to my throat,

To show my suicide at last.

The blood trickles down my skin,

To show the many pints of lost blood.

The blade's feeling against my nerve,

Shows the pain people have bestowed on me,

And how I never get a second of painless living.

I have the video camera set up,

Taping my very last minutes,

To show that I have been caught,

And to show that my attempts are known.

But most important of them all,

I died by commiting suicide,

To show that the greatest pains,

The worst pains I've lived through,

Was inflicted by that one person,


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i m the cause of most of my pains

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