The Urge To Kill

I must find some way,

To lessen the urge,

The urge that always comes,

On many of these days.

I want to kill someone,

And have them go through pain,

But it can't just be anyone,

Because I wish to murder,

Some one who has hurt me.

But I don't feel like going to jail,

Even though to stop this urge,

It will be worth it,

So I inflict pain onto myself,

And watch myself suffer.

Maybe one of these days,

The suffering I put on myself,

Will be the last for me,

And I can suffer no more,

And live painlessly in death.

So when I have the urge to kill,

I use it against myself,

In hopes that the last person,

That I endure pain on,

Will be the person that has,

Put the most pain on me,


Author's Notes/Comments: 

y do i keep on doin thingz that i no will onli hurt me...i no there iz no chance of it turnin out good...but still i put myself thru thiz never ending pain

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