I No Longer Need You

I no longer need you,

I don't need to hear your comforting voice,

To put me to sleep,

I don't need to be in your arms,

To feel safe and warm,

I don't need to feel your grasp,

Holding tightly onto my hand,

To make sure you are there with me,

There for me.

Because your voice only told me lies,

Those lies that put me to sleep,

Your arms that once held me,

Really didnt keep me safe from you,

Or keep me warm in the cold times that lie ahead,

And when you held my hand,

I knew you were there with me,

And once you let go,

You had no intentions of coming back to me,

And you are no longer there for me.

So I will be fine on my own,

I no longer need you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

thiz iz how eazi i wish thingz were...n i can get over him...i no i can...i just need a lil more faith in myself...

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