You Gave Me The Razor

You handed me the razor,

The one sad night,

You told me to take it to my wrist,

And let me bleed you away.

You used to be the one,

To take the razor away,

But now you are the one,

Who throws them at my feet,

Begging me to admitt defeat.

You were so important to me,

I would do anything for you,

So when you told me to do something,

I would do it just for you.

Even though it was an indirect command,

I still understand what you mean,

And even though you punish me later,

For the acts that you wished for me to do,

I still feel good about it,

Because I slit my wrist for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

thiz iz wut happened when my ex broke up w/ me that 1 saturday nite...

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