Stop Lieing Mother

I'm sick of all your lies,

You're sick of my attitude,

You get the attitude because I hate you,

Why can't you accept that?

You try to say that you care,

You try to say that you are my mother,

But I wish to treat you like an enemy.

You say I am your daughter,

But you treat me like an experiment.

You say you want to know what I am doing,

So you ask where I am going.

How do you expect to stop me,

From doing something bad,

When you don't even know what I do,

Inside our own so-called 'home'?

You don't notice one fucking thing I do,

And stop pretending like you care,

Stop pretending like you know,

Stop pretending your a good mother,

Because you're a damn right bad one.

If you know and care about me so much,

Then please answer this,

Because if you claim to be,

The person you say you are,

The answer should come to ease.

Why is there a scar on my wrist,

And where did it come from?

So, you say you didn't notice the scar,

I believe you have said enough...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my mother sat me down 2 have a talk n tell me 2 stop talkin 2 her w/ an attitude...n it wuz a huge,terrible convo...i hate that bitch

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