You Don't Know What Love Is

You have no fucking clue what you are talking about,

You don't love her,

You don't even know what it means,

Because if you knew what it meant,

You would of not even thought of saying those words to me.

You would realize the consiquences,

I was your best friend,

And that is all gone,

It's all because of your poor vocabulary,

Just admitt that you don't know what the word means.

And you can stop using it,

It's not helping you,

It's making you worse,

It's making you look like a jackass,

A fucking idiot!

So why don't you just stop before someone else gets hurt?

But now your stuck in the lie,

Your stuck with the bitch who's lieing to you too,

But you are both oblivious to each others lies.

You didn't even know her and you 'fell in love',

And she 'fell in love' just as fast,

And please tell me how in only one week,

One week after you dumped me you two got together,

And you say I wasn't dumped for her,

And you two just started hanging out,

Then how did you fall so maddly in love?

You don't know what love is,

Stop pretending that you do,

You're only going to get hurt.

But when that time comes,

I'll be watching,

And I'll be smiling as you feel the pain,

The pain you once bestowed onto my heart,

And I'll be there like you were for me,

And you know exactly what I mean by being there,

I'll be there with another man.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

yea...i wuz on aol...n i wuz lookin at my ex b/fz away message...thiz iz wut it sez:

I love matt more than anything in the whole world :-)  -amanda-

they can both kiss my ass

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