I Just Don't Understand

I just don't understand,

It makes no sense at all!

I helped you through all your pains,

You told me I was your best friend.

That night you told me lies,

As we layed there together.

All those whispered words that were spoken,

They all had false meanings.

You stare me straight in the eye,

Just so you could tell me another lie.

What I thought would last forever,

It lasted for two weeks.

Then you leave me heart broken,

You run off with someone new.

Now she can enjoy your love,

As I have nothing to enjoy except for tears.

It makes no sense how you now have hate on me,

All I did was help you.

All the good times we used to have,

They are fading memories.

These memories happened not so long ago,

Yet they are fading as if it were years ago.

I may never understand why we had everything one minute,

And why now it is reduced to nothing.

I don't want the memories,

They bring me too much pain.

You're a demon in my one eye,

Yet an angel in the other.

So if you could please explain what happened,

My mind will feel so much lighter.

No longer will I think of you,

And I can move onto another.

But first I need to know what happened,

And why we can no longer be.

I wish to know why you won't take me as a friend,

And why all this has come to a screeching end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

matt...plz explain 2 me y...thatz all i wanna no :-(

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