My Soul's Journey

Many years ago,

On a quiet night as this,

My cries and screams could be heard,

As I put myself to death.

I love you,

Your love for me is no more,

I can't possibly live without you.

So let me end it all now,

Let me put myself through pain,

To show that you hurt me,

I collapse lifeless on the floor.

My funeral soon rolls around,

I find it shocking to see you there.

But that is nothing,

For what else I see is surprising,

I see a few tears escape your eyes,

They roll sweetly down your cheek.

You hurt me bad,

And I hurt you back,

But revenge is not so sweet.

Not another moment was I touched more,

When these words escaped your lips,

In my ear,

Your whispered words were spoken,

I know I hurt you bad,

But this should not have happened,

I didn't wish for you to go this way,

Nor so soon.

I regret hurting you so bad,

Please don't hate me.

I wish you a happy after life,

And I will miss you dearly.

But you're still my friend,

So please wait for me.

Ending his good bye,

Another tear rolls down,

As my soul feels guilt.

Then the casket disappears,

I fall into darkness,

Then the temperature rises,

And flames lick my toes.

I stand at the end of a long line,

Evil souls ahead,

One by one they go,

Into the lake of flames.

My turn soon approaches,

My Lord nodding towards the flames.

I beg him to let me return to you,

Even if only as a ghost.

My request is denied,

He pushes me into the lake,

But the edge I grab,

And tightly I grasp.

He gives me an evil look,

Cold eyes looking at me.

I think of you and pull myself up,

And run away from Him.

I pray to God for wings,

In hopes to return to you,

My prayers are answered,

And I go on my way.

My spirit arrives at your house,

A week has gone by,

Since you were mourning your loss.

Your door I open,

Shocked I am,

The fire lake I wish I were in.

For she is on your lap,

And kissing your cheek.

Tears for me,

They once rolled down that cheek.

My soul runs away,

Sobbing maddly,

That hard work gone to waste.

Just to be with you,

I took the long journey,

Only to find a heartbreak,

And to find my soul forgotten.

My soul returns to the house,

The house where it found death.

Hell won't take me back,

The wings for Heaven were used.

I gave up so much,

Only to find it useless,

Because I only got tears.

So still on quiet nights,

I decide to screech a scream.

Pain and suffering I still express,

And feel deep inside.

My love is long gone,

And he I can't look forward to,

Because his soul found its place.

And I can't do what he wishes for,

So long ago at my funeral.

He asked for me to wait,

But my impatience got the best of me,

His last wish of me I can't do.

This all happened because I love you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

thiz iz wut i wish my funeral would b like,n how i no it will b like in the end.n i realize i sumtimez refer 2 the person i love az him...n sumtimez az u...i dunno just happenz like that when u write so long from ur heart i guezz.

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