My Funeral

A week goes by,

Here I lie,

Decending into the earth.

My corpse is resting,

Within padded walls,

And inside limited space.

My body consealed,

Comfy and safe,

Within these padded walls.

The dirt piles on,

Nightcrawlers inside,

To keep my corpse safe.

The gray stone,

It's placed above where I lay,

And carved in it is what I must say.

Here I lay,

Although I'm lifeless,

My spirit is restless.

I'm here underground,

Decomposing as we speak,

Because you assholes put me here.

Don't mourn my grave,

I hate you all,

And now I lie dead.

So stay the fuck away,

For who ever sets foot near my grave,

Shall have put on them an evil curse.

Your life shall be a living Hell,

Death always in your eyes,

Until that is true.

Then once you're dead,

Your soul won't go to Heaven,

Nor can it look forward to Hell.

Your soul will float alone,

Float in the middle of no where,

As mine has companions in Hell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i hate humanity....

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