Unnoticed Blood

Yes, that's my blood,

Drying on the bathroom floor,

Why are you so shocked?

I've done it before.

Of course they were my intentions,

Before did you not notice?

Do you see the pretty scars?

Of course they're hard to miss,

But some how you made it possible,

I guess that you're the best.

Is my insanity that unclear,

Fifteen years gone by unnoticed,

Cups of blood lost,

Yet, you seem oblivious.

Maybe you're just bull shitting,

You noticed it before,

But you choose ignorance,

In hope I'm yours no more.

But now you caught me red handed,

Blood all over my hands,

Painting them a nice shade of red.

Now your lies are noticed,

You can't hide anymore.

Help for me you can't deny,

Or to Hell I will go,

As you pretend to cry,

Along with the cheerful mournors.

So you have two choices,

Call for help,

Dig my grave,

Why do I even bother to ask?

I'll grab the shovel,

Get the hole started.

You can grab the gun,

Load it up,

And what the Hell,

Aim for my head and cock it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my whole family home....i slit my wrist...not 1 of them noticez the blood gushin from my flesh!

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