Death Cream Cone

One dark night,

You'll be walking,

All alone you'll be,

Oblivious to what's going to happen,

You walk thinking you will see the next day,

Little do you know,

I'm just around the corner,

Daggar in hand.

If you won't give me your heart,

I'll just take it myself,

Like you stole mine,

And you betrayed it,

Broke it apart,

Let me share with you my pain.

You turn the corner,

I stab you,

I keep on going,

Watch you bleed,

Take out your heart,

Clamp it in my bare hand,

I smile at your heart,

It's mine now,

You're lifeless on the ground,

No one's around,

I hold your heart firmly,

Squeeze out the blood,

Onto my ice cream cone,

What flavor you ask,

Death by chocolate,

You always hated it,

But what if your blood was on it,

You'd hate it more,

I lick up the bloody dessert,

Taste the revenge,

It tastes so sweet,

And what makes it better,

Is to know you're dead,

You can't hurt me anymore,

I hurt you last,

I guess I'm the winner,

But I also lost,

I lost you,

I lost my heart,

You were the one I loved.

But you hurt me bad,

Then I hated you,

Please explain how I love you too,

I'm so lost,

But now you're dead,

My heart is too,

But I don't care.

Because when you died,

My problems went to Hell with you,

I'll join you soon,

No longer I'll be mad,

To be damned with you,

I'll be glad,

The problems will be long forgotten,

And we can burn with each other's broken and betrayed hearts.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i gave him my heart...he gave me hiz...he took hiz i have no choice but 2 take hiz from him...i love him...but i hate him...if i cant have him...no1 can!

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