Keep My Heart

Two weeks of what appeared to be happiness,

Years ahead of undenyable pain.

Three words you chose to abuse,

The razor, I felt, I must use.

Millions of pieces of my heart,

They lie scattered in the dirt.

I lost all my trust in you,

That's why this I can't explain.

My heart I wish for you to keep,

Keep it some place safe and warm

I wish for you to heal it,

Give it a nice home.

I no longer wish to care for it,

It brings me pain and sorrow.

Once I heal it back again,

It breaks a short time later.

So please take care of it for me,

Please don't break it apart.

But it I can no longer care for,

My scarred and broken heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

he broke my heart...broke it heart causez me 2 much pain...i dont want it nemore...luv sux...

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