Given Away Heart

Where my heart once stood,

There is now a dark hole,

Slowly filling with blood.

I gave my heart away,

To he who I loved,

But he felt not the same.

I thought he deserved some,

So I gave him a piece,

He chewed it up and spit it out,

That piece has gone to waste.

A new one comes along,

Feelings so much stronger,

Feel for once happiness,

So I give him some of my heart,

He takes a knife,

Stabs it twice,

It lays in pieces on the floor,

My blood no longer in it.

A little of my heart remains,

I hold onto it tightly,

Then another comes along,

I try to fight,

He's just to perfect,

I feel he is the one,

I give him my remains,

Of my small and broken heart.

He builds up a fire,

Tosses it in,

I watch it go up in flames,

I lost my heart,

Lost my life,

Lost it all.

Now I'm cold and dark,

No longer shall I love.

As I write about my heart,

I slowly fade into eternal darkness,

Fifteen years old and mourning a heart,

It's dead and gone for good.

This poem ends my misery,

My pain, my sorrow, my life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

thiz iz wut happenz when u give guyz ur heart....

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