My Death For All

Everyone wishes I were dead,

They stand down way below,

Will I fall from where I stand?

This they fear not,

They stare up at me and wait,

They wonder why I take so long,

They want me to just get it over with,

So they can all move on.

Every ounce of my blood,

They wish would spread,

All over the cold concrete.

The whole world would come,

To see my grave,

And put their spit upon it.

They all would come,

Not for respect,

But to see their prayers get answered.

So as I watch them wait,

I decide to piss them off,

I turn around and walk away,

I decide to live longer,

For nothing would make them madder,

But to be stuck with my presance.

So as I walk to the steps,

I laugh an evil chuckle.

For I have won,

They have lost,

And for this they must suffer.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

every1 wishez i were dead....they r just waitin 4 me 2 end my own life...

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